Reopening the Auckland Art Gallery After Lockdown

We in New Zealand are lucky to have been able to hold back the spread of the virus. It means that places like the Auckland Art Gallery can safely reopen for people to enjoy.

The gallery reopened on the weekend of 13th June 2020 and we were invited to have our photo booth on the main foyer. Dubbed the “photo studio”, we were there to give visitors something to take away, remember and tell their friends. We ended up taking about 70 sessions of photos over the weekend.


We were setup right in the middle of the 2nd floor foyer, right below a LED sign “a place beyond belief”. Pretty fitting for a crazy fun photobooth don’t you think? It actually turned out to be a prime spot because it was almost always the first thing kids saw as they came up the stairs. I could see their eyes light up when they spotted all the toy props that were laid out on the table.

There was a steady steam of visitors throughout the day. At one point, our show was stolen by the Bubbleman performing outside the gallery. And rightly so! Even I was intrigued by the different size and shapes of bubbles he could produce.

Bubbleman entertaining kids and adults outside Auckland Art Gallery.

All in all it was a lovely weekend to be out and seeing some city life again. Thanks so much to the amazing people at the Auckland Art Gallery, especially Kim and Emily for looking after us and our setup.

Ivan Li
Ivan Li
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