How to Have Some Mid-year Fun… The Photo Booth Way!

2020 feels like it’s been a long year, even though we’re only at the End of July. With having had the lockdown and unable to operate for a good two months, we’re back in the game and going strong.

We always enjoy parties, and it’s no different when it’s a mid-year social for corporates – did you know many businesses have a social club? Yes, and they are so fun, especially when dress-ups are involved!

Having attended two greatly themed parties, one was dress up in something beginning with B or T – everyone was so imaginative!, and a Saturday Night Fever theme – because everone is Staying Alive during Covid-19.

Even though both parties were very differently themed, we noticed one thing in common, it was the vibe. Everyone was out to have a good time and leave all the worries behind, because we know that we’re all in this together!

PS. I must say, maybe we should also dress up along with everyone else because we looked so odd in the crowd.

Ivan Li
Ivan Li
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