Hello. We're the people behind Pixel Photo Booth.

We like to call ourselves event experience specialists, but really, we just love anything that is fun, with smiles and a little bit silly.

It all started when Karen and Ivan experienced the magic of a photo booth in their very own wedding. They had such awesome time playing with poses and laughing with others. What if that same kind of magic can be bought to any event?

We love seeing people be who they are, and we’re sure everybody is eager to show when given the chance to. We strive to make the photo booth experience the most welcoming and safe place to be yourself. It’s a license to let your true self shine.

Our INCREDIBLE photo booths are designed and hand-crafted right here in New Zealand. They’ve been featured all sorts of weddings, parties, corporate, and public events.

If you’re thinking about having a photo booth for your own event, why connect with us and see what we can offer? We love chatting with people even if you aren’t sure yet.

Find out how Pixel Photo Booth can spice up your event

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